Friday, July 31, 2009

Kickin It

Where have I been? I've been kickin' with my dogs yo!
I've been amazingly busy with custom orders for my dog ornaments lately in the Tumus shop. It seems just when I think no one is going to be taken by them someone rushes in and snatches one or two up and I meet another special dog and their owner.

It's fun :) It's interesting and the dog's are hilarious. I have a rather intimidating but challenging order on the table right now, 8 individual custom doggies. Meet some of the dogs who are about to become felted:

This will be one for the records for me ^_^ I'll be sure to post mid progress pictures if I remember to haul my camera to the craft room (really need a point and shoot). And if I don't do that you'll MOST certainly see the final results.

But for the time being we are dashing out of town for a quick festival in Dublin, Ohio....aka the Dublin Irish Festival. It's going to be our last HOO-RAH before we really crack down on wedding details. So it's my chance to relax and try not to worry about too many things other than the present.
Frankly, that's going to be incredibly nice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are cute doggies. Momma says we should get one of those ornaments for our Aunt Molly.....we'll have to save up our allowance first though. Can you make a really FAT doggie ornament?

jane & Alice

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