Thursday, August 6, 2009

All the Funnies

I posted this up on another blog, but thought some people here might get a kick out of this.

Also I STILL have not ordered felt. HAHAHA! CRAZY! I did eat lasagna though lol and I did stay inside and work on orders, but the felt got pushed back. Even now it's like 7pm and I just got home from work (that's like a 12 hr day *dies*) and am eating in front of the PC, digging thru wedding stuffs and I realized I need to get a friggin' officiant!
What the crow? I mean of ALL things to procrastinate on. I'm SO glad i'm only getting married once because all this planning for one day is just overkill.

Well at least mom is coming over on Saturday to help keep me sane and start addressing envelopes.

I may for the sake of my sanity temporarily close Tumus and Pinpinnalmost 3 weeks out before the wedding and keep it closed till 2 weeks after. That's about a month and a week. Not horrid, but ideal and hopefully understandable.

Now if you'll pardon me I have some pizza to nom on and felt to hopefully order.

1 comment:

Karin said...

I love Simon's cat! Thanks for making me laugh :)

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