Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tea + Awesome

Pinpinn scored another FP last night, unbeknownst to me as I was busy working on my large dog ornament order for Tumus which, by the way, is definitely progressing and about 75% done.

It still gives me a feeling of absolute gratitude and joy at having both my shops picked and featured on the front page and in gift guides with good frequency. It's like my hard work is FINALLY paying off. All that gripping and struggling over pictures and practicing over and over, plus refining designs, stitching and new ideas. It's all right there. In one brief moment of unabashed, free promotion.

Now to celebrate I'll have a cup of tea:

Did you know that a cup of black tea contains more caffeine than any other types of teas, but still contains about half the caffeine of coffee?

I'd like to think of tea as a "gentle" wake up call....this morning, however, called for coffee.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I don't think we've ever made front page....don't know how to even check...but progress is exciting isn't it?? I didn't know tea had only half the caffiene of coffee. I reserve coffee as my treat for weekends; perhaps I should do it the other way 'round.

Tumus said...

LOL, you can check to see if you've been featured recently by going to www.craftcult.com

just type in your shop name and presto! You can see your hearts and even if you're featured currently somewhere. I believe you might still be in the Pets gift guide!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip. We're front page losers but that's OK, it's cool to check.

PS Coffee this morning....definately coffee......

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