Thursday, August 13, 2009


Getting there.
Geez this wedding stuff is hard business....and I think I had some not so fresh salad over at my future mother-in-law's house tonight...*urp*....blech.

I wish I could catch a break, but it's not going to happen. The "9-5" just cracked down a horrific schedule for the next two weeks. They want us to work between 13-15 hours of OT each week for the next 2 weeks.
Nevermind the fact they could save loads by hiring new employees and training them, never mind they're busting the budget by willing paying 45 employees time and a half for a total of 30 hours of OT per person. Nevermind any of it. It makes so much sense they've chosen to ignore it and push head long into the abyss of zombie employees.

I've already decided in my head that I will only be doing 30 min. each day extra. My tiny body can not withstand any more stress at that place. That OT total includes two mandatory Saturdays at 8 hrs each which I can't evade no matter what. It makes my stomach gurgle just thinking about it.

Bad salad + stress + wedding overdosing = one very uncomfortable girl.

I think if I can weasel out of an hour each day to only doing 30 min. not many will notice.

It's for my own good and if they are too selfish to realize that, I fear I may have to seriously quit my job before the wedding which would not be a good at all. I'm sorry but my health and mental well-being are WAY more important.

This has prompted me to take down all custom work listings in both Pinpinn and Tumus till AFTER the wedding.

I need to start practicing meditation, if anything for the simple act of remembering to breathe.

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