Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Real Tree Hugger

Last night I was exhausted and mentally tired. I had so much to do and not enough time or endurance to get it all done. Work, OT, Wedding, House cleaning, laundry, dishes, supper, Etsy.....I really REALLY wanted to work on Etsy. There was no way I could feel like I could relax. I was overwhelmed in every sense.
So I went out on the porch and cried for a bit. It was a slow kind of cry with giant crocodile tears. The kind that just fall right out of your eye without touching your cheeks. My knees were wet in no time.
I guess it sounds pitiful and lonely, but sometimes Chris doesn’t want to bother me when I’m like that even though all I want is a hug.

It was about 9pm. The humidity was gone. I stared at a tree across the road. I remembered climbing a ton of trees when I was younger, but there was always one tree that was my favorite. It had three branches that formed a cradle of sorts. I can remember taking old ropes and blankets up there and making a nest. lol. Sounds funny I suppose but last night I really wanted nothing more than to be back in that tree and off the ground.

I really wanted to be back in that tree because it was where I could be alone and miserable if I wanted to be and no one could bother me.

Sometimes you just don’t want to be told it’ll be okay because right then, it’s the lamest line in the entire world even if it’s true.

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Anonymous said...

What a sad post! It makes me want to cry just reading it. I've been overwelmed like that before and it just feels awful. I hope things are going better for you today. The cats and I are sending you hugs and purrs.

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