Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forecast: Chili with A Broken Brain

Strangely enough I don't feel nearly as stressed about the wedding as I did nearly a month ago. Maybe it's the feeling of victory nearly here? Meh. All I know is that I'm trying to mend my broken brain and that part is becoming harder than I care to admit.
Curse my worrying mind. I'm almost waiting for some strange package to arrive on my doorstep with claws to mangle my carefully arranged order.

So I made chili. Because it's delicious and it's nearly Fall...kind of...well mostly because it's delicious. But I was evidently out of chili powder (OMG) when I called Chris to start the pot up. I called him because I had to work OT at the "9-5" and he was already home, safe, comfy and I was stuck in diabolical, hellish traffic.
After stopping at the doctor's office and getting some new "fun" things for my broken brain I set off back down the hellish Highway of Doom to the grocery. Bought chili powder, came home and dang it if we weren't short a can of kidney beans.

*apply cold compress or heat pack and relax*

But I made the chili anyways because I'm stubborn and I was stressed and nothing was going to screw with my already wasted evening! Not even kidney beans.

At least I had chili and it was well with the world once more.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Chili cures all. I'm a huge fan of chili. Good call.

Hang in there, friend. Try to let that wedding stress go (yeah, I know, right). If you guys are married at the end of the day, that's the important thing. Enjoy your big day, don't worry about it. :D Hugs.

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