Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recycle This, Punk

I probably shouldn't be THIS irked over it, but for the past 2 weeks I've been diligently filling up an old cardboard box at work with items to recycle. Applesauce cups, glass bottles, pop bottles, plastic wrappers, the occasional sandwhich baggie, plastic forks, napkins, potato chip bags, candy wrappers......all manner of recyclable things.

And the cleaning crew took it last night to throw out.

WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE?! It had been sitting behind my chair for 2 weeks solid, slowly filling with things. It must've really looked like trash for them to have taken it, but why would they finally have taken it last night? One of my co-workers next to me, who I've kindly "harassed & teased" into recycling her copious amounts of plastic bottles, has two boxes full of recycling and they leave that alone.

It doesn't make any sense. So I wrote a passive aggressive note:

"Please DO NOT TAKE BOXES THAT ARE NOT MARKED TRASH. You just took two weeks worth of recycling materials out of my cube. Unlike half of America I actually recycle my trash. Thanks for hindering the process."

It's probably a bit too forward and mean and I'm sure they meant well and we're just doing their job, but that box was ready to be taken home tonight for the recycle pick up tomorrow morning. It's like I can not win here at my "9-5" no matter WHAT I'm trying to do. Whether it's my actual job or just doing something purely good for the environment I can't find that middle ground.

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