Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Tea

Orange Pekoe, what on earth is this stuff and why is it called ORANGE Pekoe?

Well way back in olden times the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange no doubt, received a fine China tea from early Dutch traders to the region. The name has nothing to do with the flavor of the actual tea, instead the word "orange" simply refers to the royal house giving the tea it's seal of approval by blessing it with their name.
How kind. A royal tea. Remember to sip delicately and with your pinky up! No gulping lest you smear the royal tea's name for good.

In case you were also wondering Pekoe tea is one of the more popular teas exported from China and includes the tea leaf and buds. It should be readily available in shops who specialize in tea and maybe even your local grocer.

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