Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Do List #3

I've been doing alot of reading. I realized earlier this week that I've fallen off my own Wagon o' Goals that I'd set out to accomplish late in the summer. I have the excuses of being overwhelmed with wedding details, exhausted, and generally in a doldrum of sorts.

But now I'm out of those excuses and frankly I need to kick my own butt for not pulling out my goals sooner.
As the Holiday season is practically here for us crafters and biz owners alike, I think my goals should be more or less broken down into smaller chunks and maybe one or two BIG goals to aim for at the end of the "season".

If you're curious here was To Do List #2.

Things I can check off:
[x] Seek out seasonal advertising with Lu.

[x] call the Vet office to ask about advertising the ornaments. I actually ended up buying advertising on another venue and getting free advertising at my sister's vet office.

Things that are staying on the list and new goals:

- Get 25 items consistently listed in shop by end of November.
I got really close with this one, honest, but funny enough I sold so consistently that when I needed to focus entirely on the wedding I couldn't find the time to restock. So it's back on the list, even in the middle of the Holiday rush.

- create.photograph.list 5 new shaped pincushions by end of November

- New Fruit pincushions and New Emery line by the New Year

- Get 25 items listed in the shop by the beginning of December. I got to 21-23 item amount range. So back on the list it goes.

- create.photograph.list 6 new birdies by beginning of December

- sketch out and attempt the proto-type for the new standing cat by the New Year

I might also add the overall goal of balancing the books during the end of December as that's as good of time as any to sort out the stuff while I'm off work.

In other news I've rediscovered my love of SpongeBob. It's odd I know, but something about that yellow sponge makes me laugh WAY too much.

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