Thursday, January 14, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

Almost 2 springs ago after we'd moved in to our house we were out back doing some yard work. The tiniest baby squirrel was sitting in our big maple tree just peering out at us. Then suddenly without fear, that little bugger hopped down and started following me around the yard! This went on for about 15 min till I stopped and squatted down and put my hands out. And without hesitation he hopped right on and I picked him up.

I know sometimes baby animals don't really know what to be afraid of in the beginning and if they've lost dear old mum there's no one to teach them the ins and out of staying safe and away from humans and other animals that might eat them. I kind of wonder if something happened to it's mom and here he was, a bit alone and curious.

He actually liked being held and petted and he sat still in my hand for a good 5 minutes. I don't think he was sickly or anything, he just seemed to not know who was good or bad. Maybe someone had been kind and fed him before? I hope he managed to grow up, even though the squirrels are pesky (as in one of them gnawed into our DSL line) around our neighborhood I still hope he found a way to survive and get on.

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