Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After some thoughtful insight and a bit of heartache Tumus will be going to an all Christmas ornament shop starting April 19, 2010. That is Tumus' 2 year Esty-versary.

With the responsibility of having two shops and only one shop pulling it's weight at the moment (Pinpinn) it is in my best interest to keep Tumus closed during the Off Season.

As of now I plan to close up April 19, 2010 and reopen July 2010 for a Christmas sale and then again October 2010 for the Holiday season. The dates are subject to change depending on how well Pinpinn does in the next few months.

"But Tumus!" you cry. "What will happen to all the Birdies, Bunnies and Kitties you have?!"

Well the Bunnies will be taking up residence (if they do not find good homes before April) in my home where they can sit peacefully among all the fabric and felt I have in my sewing room. The Birdies will fly home to other roosts and the Kitties will wait patiently until the Holidays once more.

It makes me a bit sad, but as a business I must look ahead to the coming year and keep my goals centered.

Look for a shop announcement in March on Tumus detailing all of the above :)

I'm very excited about this change and hope it does well for everyone involved.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

By the time your Christmas in July comes around, you'll be mentally refreshed and eager to work on Tumus. I can't wait to see what happens then. Good luck!

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