Monday, January 11, 2010

A Shop Update!

You thought I was faking that shop update didn't you, tsk tsk. Have you no faith? I had numerous things to ready to photograph, but like most of us who sell online, taking pictures is really the last thing you want to do. It's personally not my favorite thing either. Despite really really liking photography for some reason having to set things up, reposition, figure out lighting, props's a bit of a hot mess sometimes. I prefer that instantaneous capture of pictures. Not the processed bits.

BUT even though I drug my feet for a full 3 weeks I finally managed to pull out the light box and snap.

A teaser for Tumus Yes, paisley is back! This would look adorable in a mod nursery, but it's not a toy! Just a decoration ^_^

A peek at Pinpinn This actually has two sayings embroidered on it. It says Sew seeds of love / Sew seeds of hope. I really love this one. I want to make 2 more pincushions with this same theme to kind of make it a "series".

And to make it even better I had so much to take pictures of that I didn't have time to get thru half of it last night. Oh and I was dead tired too. I've been reading alot more lately. I blame the cold snap that all of the Northern Hemisphere is under right now. Though we are scheduled for a warm up above freezing by Wednesday, I think we'll manage to get the Christmas lights down finally!

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