Sunday, January 31, 2010

We're a crafty bunch

I was trying to think of something to post tonight and ran across some old pictures of Chris and I. I forgot we had this kite. Yep that's a kite. It's called a double star. Chris built most of it and I helped with ALOT of the cutting. Each of those colors is "hot cut" and there's close to 200 panels on it. There was also quite a bit of sewing involved. The pictures aren't the best as they were taken almost 3 years ago on my dad's old digital camera. (Well before we had our beloved SLRs lol) My hair cracks me up. It's long again since I grew it out for the wedding. I'm always amused by my various Hair Era's when I find older pictures.

Unfortunately we don't fly it too often any more. The spars in the center hub tend to break easily when it lands and they're expensive to replace. But still, it's fun to set up for people to look at. It boggles the mind ^_^ The kite itself packs down into about a 16in tall bag, but the spars are almost 5ft long each so they get packed separate.

He hasn't been making too many kites these days. I think he's getting out of it, plus it can be an expensive hobby to keep up. But it's nice to have a crafty husband around. I can't tell you how many times he's helped me decipher a sewing pattern or figured out the math on a scaled down quilt block. He's priceless.

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Tim Parish said...

What an interesting, not to mention complex, cellular kite! Does it behave well in the air? I couldn't help smiling at your comment re the hobby 'getting expensive', since here at MBK it's all so cheap. But of course, none of our kites have quite the visual impact of the ones that take so many hours to sew...

We publish a whole lote of kite plans for our single-liners. Further down the page are some links to 'flight reports' which document real-life flying experiences with the kites.

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