Friday, February 12, 2010


It's rough right now in Tumus-land. Not to keep posting the inner workings of my personal life but doing so kind of sheds alot of light on what's going on.

I got a memo on Monday at the "9-5" stating we'd be working 6-7 days a week now with close to 10 hours shifts. This statement struck me dumb, literally. I felt like I'd been slapped square across my cheek and then punched in the gut. After my stupor passed I got up and left my desk for a while to cool off. To say I was livid or "pissed off" would be an understatment. I swear to you I would've packed up my desk right then if I knew I could still somehow support myself and Chris sans unemployment.
The way our budget will work once I'm laid off will rely on that unemployment check until either Etsy or I find a steady source of income.
So I'm kind of stuck in a private hell of sorts. I mean there SHOULD be laws against this very thing. You can't just lay off 150 people and then tell them, oh by the way you'll now be working every single day from here until the time you leave. It's just...baffling.
I have words for it but they are not appropriate in ANY form.

This post took me all week to sort out because I'm still angry about it. There's no law stating company's are doing something illegal when they twist your arm to work 7 days a week at an insane pace. Even with all the OT pay I'll be pulling in I won't see much of that because of how it will be taxed. In other words I might not see that actual OT money until I file my taxes NEXT year. Alot of good that does me now.

Maybe all this chaos is preparing me for working hard on Tumus and Pinpinn once I have time again but that's about all the positive I can find in it. Frankly the most I've been able to do is clean back in my craft room. There is something somewhat therapeutic about organizing fabric and felt. I think it's the colors and the fact that it's quiet and peaceful. And probably the beer nearby.

Because I've been near dead, mentally and sometimes physically, when I arrive home each night the most I can do is read, sit blankly in front of the TV or clean for short periods. Even Chris says I'm too quiet most nights now.

It's funny how work can just sap your will to live. I truly and sincerely hate this company with all my heart.
How the hell am I supposed to make lemonade out of this?

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