Sunday, December 12, 2010


Back in May of this year (2010) Chris' dad and step-mom flew us out
to the middle of the desert...aka Arizona....
about 10 miles from Tombstone....
and give or take 25 miles from the Border....

(that little stretch glimmering there is Tombstone. Wave Howdy)

I didn't really like the desert. I'm not a "hot n' dry" kinda gal.
I like my moisture. I like grass. I'm not a fan of things that poke or
choking dust.

Tombstone was small. Very small. It's not hard to imagine cowboys and
gunslingers shuffling up to the bars there
and getting rowdy drunk. It IS the middle of nowhere.

But then there's the sad fact that it's entirely done up for the tourists.
So some of the magic is lost. SOME, but not all of it.
If you look really hard you can find some pretty great things where you
least expect it.

(Sheriff Armadillo as seen in a tourist shop in Tombstone)

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