Thursday, December 9, 2010

The REAL crafters arsenal

Alot of times my "real" crafting arsenal has nothing to do
with scissors and thread.
It's not packed with colorful bits of felty bits or buttons.

It's a grittier reality.

It's IcyHot on a flexible fabric roll taped to my wrists and fingers.
A variety of heating pads for my back and to keep warm.
Scented candles to keep me perky.
A doughnut seat (yes it's true)
hand lotion
eye drops
wool lined slippers that are molded to my foot shape
ponytail holders and clips for those days when my head remains "down"
Tea for the morning
and beer for the evening

These are my constant companions in the days leading up to the final push before Christmas.

What's in your secret crafter's arsenal?

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