Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buttons Buttons, Whose Got My Buttons?

Lisa over at Lilfishstudios has been cleaning out her much envied button stash.
Naturally I had to have a bag, a whole 1 pound bag. A bag
that was randomly picked and stuffed by one of her onery, lovable and creative children.
That only upped the "I need to have it" factor. Children have a great mind
to fill any kind of bag with any number of unique

and sometimes painfully funny artifacts.

My favorite button is the "SMR" one, but I'm totally in love with all the small white
buttons that will probably work their way into alot of my pincushions.
My regular Etsy work schedule is set to start next Monday.
Procrastination will have to wait.


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

So much fun. Sorry about the tack! :D

That SMR button is cool. I can't ID it but it looks like a uniform button, either military or transportation, I'd guess.

Hope you enjoyed digging through these.

Tumus said...

@Lisa, Oh yes it was a blast! I was literally dancing down the hallway back to my sewing room when I got them I was so excited to have some new buttons ^_^

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I just had to tell you this because I know you will appreciate it. This afternoon as I was boxing up some buttons, I noticed one of the pound bags wasn't closed. As I reached for it, I bumped it and it spilled out on the table. At the top of the bag there were a few grab bag buttons and the rest was my entire "keep" collection of victorian picture buttons. Apparently one of my "helpers" found my collection (in a totally other room, by the way) filled it up, and put it in with the others. I almost mailed off the only buttons I intend to keep. Wouldn't that have been a kick?

Course it would have given me an excuse to start anew...


Tumus said...

OMG that would've been rather tragic, but funny. Sometimes cleaning out old stuff is great therapy for starting a new collection. I hope you've stowed them safely on a high shelf ^_~

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