Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haven't Been Sewing Much

(new design rough sketch for Tumus)

I have been drawing and sketching for Tumus.

But alot of my energy has been on brainstorming and pondering new ideas for Pinpinn. It might be headed in a direction I never even imagined. How weird is that? But it feels right and it would give me more creative freedom. I've also been contemplating if Etsy is a good venue for how I'd like to set up and market Pinpinn's new idea. Lately I've felt a little drowned in the Etsy "economy" and I'm not alone, but it is a good site for all it's up's and down's and it does have many things other sites don't.

I'm not going anywhere yet and the idea may fizzle out. I tend to have a bad case of ADD in the Winter. My mind goes stir crazy and I can't seem to get any sort of organization to my thoughts.

So to help I ordered some vegetable seeds and plotted and planned new plants for the newest backyard flowerbed. Girl's gotta have hobbies, right?

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