Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work Space Part 2

Table 1: the sewing machine table
(forgive the dark pictures)

You might recall my previous post about my workspace and the love I have for my sewing tables that my hub's built for me. Here's the first table, the mysterious hole is the finger grab for the sewing machine drop in. Just put your finger in and lift!

(ledge & "fancy" cut out)

There's the other cut out that I keep stored on the actual ledge you see above. It's what will go around the sewing machine once it's place on the drop ledge to make it flush with the main table. The cut out rests on that tiny ledge you see below going around the opening.

Once I place the machine on the ledge, the "fancy" cut out you saw in the previous picture gets dropped in around it. It's even got a notch for the power cord to have space in the back.

See how flush that is? It's pretty sweet. The table top is covered with melamine which makes it smooth and easy to clean. The only bad thing about melamine is it chips something awful when you cut it so it can be time consuming when you're working with large pieces like this.

And PRESTO! I usually move all the stuff behind the sewing machine onto the other table to the left so I can push fabric thru without too much bunching.
That's a Pfaff 1475 machine, one of the best machines I've ever owned and it was used when I picked it up ^_^ Sadly Pfaff's are no longer being made in Germany so I can't speak for the quality nowadays, but hopefully they're just as good. Mine is about 20 years old and still kickin'.

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