Friday, February 4, 2011

Work Space Part 1

I have been wanting show my work space ever since I started this blog.
It's evolution is pretty amazing.
When we bought our house I only had a fold up table and fold up chair.
This was how I started out when I first joined up on Etsy.


After that first year I decided I REALLY needed something
better and more functional.
It's taken about three full years to get it to what you see down there.
Yes it's messy, but if I didn't have a messy, used workspace you
would all think I didn't actually sew much or maybe that I was a neat freak.


I'm going to do a whole OTHER post about those two ingenious
tables you see there. Because they are incredible for two reasons.
Chris, hubby, made them for me and they were designed to what I really wanted in a table.

The one on the right (against the non-window wall) has a cut out
drop down that I can sit my sewing machine in so it's flush with the surface, but
I can take it out and lay in another piece to make it a solid surface again. It's
actually covered up by the mini cutting mat so you can't see it at the moment.

The second table, which is the REAL masterpiece, its legs actually pull out
and the top half folds out to extend to the full size of the table beside it.
I wanted it to fold so I could have the sitting area when needed and unfold
when I do large piecing and strip cuttings for quilts.

You guys have no idea how cool this set up is. So I promise to show you
because it's too cool to keep secret ^_~


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Wow, that is awesome! I have table envy.

Tumus said...

Just wait till you see how the folding table works ^_^

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