Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hella Busy

May has been hectic.
The months leading up to May were pretty mundane and average but now it's like life is hurtling forward in some frantic attempt to cram everything eventful into the next 4 months.  Let's look at this shall we? Everything with an * is an event I'm either throwing or helping with.
- an outdoor wedding (PRAY it doesn't rain because there is no real back up plan)
*quilting class every Tuesday this month
* Memorial Day cookouts (yes plural)

* my annual tea party (also outside)
- the local Strawberry Festival
*my sister's bridal shower

- the 4th of July cookouts
- the bachlorette party for my sister (o.m.g.)
*Chris' Birthday
*Tumus's Christmas in July Sale
*my sister's wedding
* Dayton Celtic Festival

- Dublin Irish Festival (I'd volunteer for this but it's near Columbus which is an hour away)
*Disney Vacation (hello Florida humidity)

~Deep Exhale~
In perspective it doesn't look like alot but it's the planning that kills me. I just kind of want to skip summer and get right to Disney so I can relax.  Oh and did I mention my garden is really hopping now and then there's the home improvement shenanigans that need to be brought under control and finished. At least the kitchen and front door are fully painted and done (check mark).

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