Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fresh Quilt and Sun Tea

I've been busy taking a quilting class on Tuesdays at a local quilt shop (well more like 45 minutes away local). I really just wanted to be able to refine my "self-learned" quilting techniques.  I'm pretty keen on seeing how to baste a larger quilt.  This is for my niece Abby.  I love traditional quilts but sometimes they just need updating.
Abby's B-day quilt

Also I think Summer is already here.  It's funny because each year I'll complain about how it needs to be warmer in May all the while completely forgetting that it gets really hot and humid by Memorial Day weekend. I'd say we're right on track with that weather pattern.
I've been itching to make some sun tea too.  I remember my Mom's big, glass jar that she would fill with tea bags and set out in the sun.  It had a red lid that would get so hot in the sun. I like to ask myself why no one makes big, glass jars anymore and then realize oh yeah, plastic is cheaper and lighter and everyone's all about cheap these days :(  But I've learned one thing, plastic doesn't brew the same good tea and it sure as heck doesn't hold up as well.  I'm crossing my fingers hoping I'll find one soon.

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