Friday, May 27, 2011

Work Space part 3

To help sign you out for a weekend of cookouts and bug spray here's the final installment of my Work Space.
This is the table that I love the most.  It's so cool and compact and made just for me ^_^
Look familiar? This is probably the cleanest it's been since the Christmas rush.

Work Table #2
(note the hinges)

Firstly you have to pull out the legs.  They're designed so they look like one, solid leg when it's all pushed together.  We like streamlined things in our house.

Work Table #2 Pull out das legs

The nifty leg "mechanics"
Work Table #2 Mechanics

Remember those hinges in the first picture? That's because there's two pieces of wood there.  Now flip open the table!

Work Table #2 The Whole thing

Try not to be too envious of the space this both gives and saves me.  It's ingenious. 

Work Table #2 SPACE!

I don't recall the exact measurements but it's enough space to really spread out.  
Have a great weekend and wear your sunblock!

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