Monday, August 8, 2011

High Five to the Weekend

The weekend was awesome.  I danced, but not so much as to be foolish.  I drank, but not so much as to be drunk.  And I ate and shopped and learned and laughed.  I smiled till my face hurt.

Between the drinking

Samples of Goodness

 the shopping


the Viking crafters

Weave it like you stole it

the bagpipers and musicians

Clearing the Pipes

and audience participation

In Kahootz

I really can't decide what was my favorite part.  But this festival is one I get so excited about and look forward to every year and always will.  It's well thought out, the music acts change nearly every year and it continues to really honor the Irish heritage of the city thru cultural exhibits and demonstrations that are beyond amazing. Like they say "the Dublin Irish Festival is like Ireland, only smaller".  I can't imagine next year as it will be their 25th Anniversary and I'm sure all the stops will be pulled out!

A Sea

Till next year Dublin!

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