Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Stitching

It's raining and cloudy outside today which means two things.  It will cool off for a bit and I will get alot of sewing done!  Here's another preview of the new ornaments for 2011.

Rollin, rollin, rollin

I'm really stoked about these and I hope you guys are too!  I'm working on getting the monkey put together today as well as the first Limited Edition one.  I am aiming to get the ones that I have ready photographed for the shop by at least Sunday evening so I can start updating by Monday.

On a side note, I hope that this stubborn high pressure will break soon.  I don't preach alot about my views on climate change and how I feel about the environment, but this year's weather pattern really is proof that the earth is definitely cycling thru some big changes. Will there be another Dust Bowl?  Seems like it.  I also wonder what it was like before so much pavement was in our towns and cities.  What was it like before heat indexes?

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