Friday, October 7, 2011

John Bryan

Slug comes free
If you don't mind driving there are several State Parks around my area. One of my local favorites is John Bryan.  It's situated right beside another park/nature preserve, Glen Helen, and both are beside the hippie/indie/artsy town of Yellow Springs (which also has my favorite farmers market and honey), but that's another post.  We've taken up biking in hard earnest this year.  Both trail/mountain biking and paved biking on the local pathways.  The mt. biking has me hooked though and it's so much fun even if I'm slow.
Last month I brought my camera on one such trip out to JB and captured some amazing pictures of all kinds of fungi.  

 Mama, big sis and baby

Creme Brulee

Of course this meant having to stop every mile or so to snap a quick shot and then hop back on my bike.  I don't know if it annoyed the others or not, but they all loved the pictures once they saw them.  They even stopped and waited for me to catch up by a "field" of giant Puffballs.

My size 9 foot

Now the mushrooms have all gone and dried up and we're in a streak of amazing weather for the first week of October, but I'm okay with that.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

That top one is a chicken mushroom, a sulphur shelf. Check that tree again next year and you might have yourself a couple of pounds of tasty 'shrooms.

Tumus said...

I made a mental note of which trail it was on and some landmarks lol. I hope it gets bigger next year! Did you see the size of the puffballs?

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