Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of Crafty Thangs & Business Pangs

Earlier in the year you may remember the Log Cabin quilt I made for my niece Abby

Abby's quilt

and then came along Project 14 for Craft for Hope: Christmas in Dixie

Stocking for Project 14

I forced myself to work from my stash when making those stockings and they were the first I've ever made, but I caught the sewing fever again.  This means two things. 1) That what I was hoping to do with Pinpinn as it closes down from selling pincushions feels even more right.  2) I have an excuse to buy more fabric.  Seriously though it's exciting.

I've noticed that as this year draws to a close the changes that Etsy has launched has really made the whole site feel much like a closed loop or a very confined circle.  It's becoming harder to push people towards my shops for various reasons and it's discouraging.  There are a few personal factors hanging around with my decision about Pinpinn and also the urge to really become a business and meet potential customers.  In other words I'd like to start selling at craft shows, just a few.  Etsy has me feeling very stuck and the longer I'm there the more claustrophobic I feel.  Because Tumus is set up on a "made to order" basis I can't really sell at shows, but I've reached out to a few local places to advertise at this year.  

The idea I have for Pinpinn though has potential, the kind that makes my tummy kind of flip and my brain go into overload when I try to sleep. It's funny when you have those kinds of ideas.  I don't know how well it will go or what kind of reaction I'll get or even if it's something people will want, but it feels good and I know my area and what people buy around here so it's very possible.  So possible it's scary.

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