Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A couple of weeks back I received an email from a lovely lady looking for a custom ornament.  To be truthful I wasn't taking on any more custom orders since the shop had been so insanely busy already, but I read her request to see what it was she wanted.

It turns out Emily wanted an ornament made of her son's favorite stuffed toy, Doggie. Each year Emily and her family set out to find an ornament for Collin, their little boy who sadly had passed away in May 2010 from complications of the treatment of cancer, he was 2.  Immediately I changed my perspective on Emily's request.  It's not everyday these types of requests come thru.  It is after all, hard to say no to something with this much meaning, but it's also intimidating.  

Would I be able to live up to Emily's hopes of giving her an ornament to help her family remember her little boy?
For Collin

I told her I would try.  And one night I cleared off my worktable and set out free forming Collin's Doggie.


I didn't make a paper pattern to help guide me along.  This had to be one-of-a-kind and something that I wouldn't make again because it would always belong to Collin and his family.

3D felt
Ears and Eyes

I didn't stop working on it.  I didn't want to over do it.

Doggie gets a name

2 parts
And then Doggie was done.

I haven't heard back from Emily yet to know what she thought of the ornament, but I don't think it's something that I'll need to wonder.  Some things you just know inside your heart and head already.
From Me with Love


Collin's Mama said...

I went back to your shop to see what you were up to, and from there came to your blog, and then found this post. I'm sure I told you, but we love, love our Doggie ornament. It is perfect, such a reminder of our precious son, and we will treasure it.
How interesting to see the Doggie ornament made in these pictures. (And congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Our darling baby girl just turned 1 last week!)
Emily - Collin's mama

Anonymous said...


I am Collin's dad, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornament you made of doggie. I can't express how much joy I get when I see it on our tree.

Thank you so much,
Philip - Collin's Dada

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