Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm going to be a bit G.I.A. this week.
"Gardener In Action"

Narcissus Tete-a-tete

The warm weather and thrown me outside to make sure my garden beds are turned under,
flowers are staked, lawn is mowed and the bird feeders are full.  I can't believe we JUST had our first grass mowing of the year.  In Ohio it's still a rare thing to mow in March, don't usually have to bust out the equipment till late April.
Also it's sad to see the daffodils that normally last nearly a month go from looking uber cute to droppy and spent in under 2 weeks.  I don't care what anyone says, even if the weather IS exceptionally pleasant be careful what you wish for.  All this warm weather is certainly setting us up for a longer allergy season, more bugs and more weeds.

I still wonder how the maple syrup harvesters in our area managed this year.  I can't imagine the syrup was running high or tasty since we had no hard freeze with a mild thaw.  Booo to that because I love me some maple syrup.
The honey supply should be on the upswing though!

The only good thing I can think of is that we may have a longer than normal growing season. That fact should bode well for most small scale farmers and backyard gardeners.  In fact our rain barrel is hooked up for the season already.  It will mean more land management for large scale operations though which means more weed control chemicals and water used for irrigation should this heat continue to build thru summer :(

It's a give and take kinda year methinks.

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