Friday, April 27, 2012

Project Fiona

While we can't really start on the nursery (Project Basement is in progress) you can bet I've been busy on other Fiona related stuff.  A few weeks ago I went a little crazy and bought a good bit of flannel and cotton to use for burp cloths.  I was kind of "meh" about the whole lack of fun and funky baby stuff.  There was no personality in anything I registered for even though most of it is needed.  I'm of the frame of mind that baby stuff doesn't ALL need to be utilitarian and bland.

So I decided to make what I wanted.  The bird picture is kinda crappy since it was taken at night, but that fabric is WAY cool in person.

First attempt

 I'm just oozing with cuteness over these because they came out so well.  They either have a cotton top or a flannel top, cotton batting in the middle and then a soft flannel backing.  They've also been lightly quilted to help catch all those lovely "accidents" she's bound to burp up in the future.

And all the rest

For the Urps

And some rectangular shaped ones from the odd bits I had leftover.

For the Burps

Believe it or not I ran out of batting AGAIN for the second time while working thru these.  While batting isn't entirely necessary I believe it helps prevent any leak thrus and makes them more absorbent than just using cotton and flannel alone.
Next step is to make matching bibs because apparently I have just enough fabric to do a few.

One of my sisters was so taken with these that she asked if I was selling them.  I really don't know if I will at this point because these are for Fi specifically, but it's possible ^_~

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