Monday, April 30, 2012

The Tiny Rhubarb

I love how dainty and tiny it is, but I'm worried. 
It's been pretty chilly here this April which is a HUGE reversal of what March's weather was like.  Even though I've combed thru garden posts and forum suggestions I'm still not sure if it's actually growing well or not.  I highly doubt the "below average" night time temps are really hurting it since it's a Spring plant, but since it's in its first year it needs the best odds possible.

Baby Rhubarb

Here's hoping that once the weather warms up and stays a bit more consistent it'll be okay and leaf out some more.  I still need to read up on it's growing cycle to make sure I'm not being paranoid, but if it stays that tiny all year I may build a little sunshade for it so it doesn't turn into fried rhubarb once the Summer hits.

p.s.  Peaches are starting to come into our markets and it's making me itchy to get started on my first year canning....

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