Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May?!

I whispered that to myself getting up this morning.  It's not something I want to think about because we have so many things to do this month.  Namely getting the first two rooms in the basement done.

It's a start

Project Basement is well underway.  We've actually got both of our new rooms framed in and wired at this point (more pictures will follow) and insulation is standing by (itchy itchy).

After a few delays waiting for contractors to "do their thing" we have all of our new glass block windows in and all the foundation cracks situated.  And because I'm a planner and tight-fisted with money I made a Basement Project Budget.

The Future Man Cave Hobby Room
(The Future Man Cave Hobby Room)

And trust me I've been a Budget Scrooge when we go out to buy supplies.  I even went so far as to break down the cost of each individual thing prior to even setting foot in any home store (as much as we could think of we would need).  It's so broken down that I priced something as small as the price of drywall screws.  It's usually not the BIG stuff that will make you go over it's all the nickel and dime spending you do on supplies you forget you need.  But I'll admit I forgot to factor in the electric inspection cost and having to buy a GFI breaker.  Doh!

New Sewing Room
(New Sewing Room)

Those costs are in there now though.  You can blame my Dad for the budget breakdown.  He's been a Project Superintendent for various construction companies for well over 30 years.  While I know we may go overbudget just a tad I'm confident we'll be right on track once the drywall goes up and flooring goes down.

And what's even better anything that we have leftover doing these two rooms, like 2 x 4's, screws/nails, laminate flooring, etc, will be used up once we start roughing in the downstairs bathroom and family room.  So less stuff to buy for future projects!  Waste not, want not.

The main drive behind all this work is we HAVE to move my sewing room downstairs to make room for a nursery upstairs.  So we kind of have to get this done in a very timely manner and bless Chris for working so hard on getting everything done proper and to code.  It's not easy, but I'm proud he can do this stuff.

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