Monday, October 22, 2012

A Bit of This

I hear tell that most babies will sleep 5 hour stretches at night. 
I've deemed this poopycock, a myth, and something that is totally not on Fiona's agenda.

Nap Attack @ 2 months
Except when she's next to Dad.

But what's really sad is that because I've had so little sleep over the past few months (I will only drive somewhere if I know I'll have a nap before I need to go out it's that bad sometimes) I have to keep Tumus closed for the 2012 Holiday season.
There have been ALOT of additional changes to Etsy since I've been on maternity leave (Direct Checkout, Gift Cards, new Browsing feature, Category Elimination from the Front name a few) and some of the changes baffle me.  I'm not sure how I would've been found this Holiday with all the new search and browsing changes they've implemented.  Hopefully by the time I return the worst of the kinks will be worked out.

This makes me contemplate the possibility of designing a website for e-commerce and moving in a new direction that is less dependent on Etsy.  Of course that means more work on my part and better time management...something which is impossible for the time being.

I have been busy, in the meantime, helping out with pattern testing and putting in an hour or two on Christmas present quilts and I will eventually get my camera down there to show you exactly what they look like before they're finished ^_~
So for now here's hoping I manage to snag a solid 3 hours of sleep so I can start enjoying these squishy cheeks a bit more.

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