Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey, Holidays and Learning to Sleep

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 3 days over here in the States?

Halloween was awful around our area because of the Superstorm, but we managed to have a good turn out for Trick-o-Treat night and I did a mini-shoot with Fiona just to be festive.
It makes me wonder if there will be a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because of Superstorm Sandy.  It also makes me think about all those people who lost everything in the storm and I wish I could give even more.
Reminds me that there is alot to be thankful for and grateful for this year.  Here's a small list:

- being able to donate
- getting 4-5 hrs of sleep at night now!
- that the election season is FINALLY OVER
- the ability to bake
- learning to quilt on my home sewing machine
- feeling like my old "pre-baby" self
- going back to yoga
- being able to go to my family's Thanksgiving this year to see everyone
- having common sense to know when to slow down now
- and a very loving husband

I do have pictures of my sister Rachel's baby quilt.  Chris needs to re-route my old cutout that I had in my sewing table so it fits my new machine properly and so I can glide and slide the fabric thru the machine.  I need to have this done rather urgently because I know it's going to take me a while to quilt that one AND the patriotic quilt (Stars and Stripes quilt ) for my sister-in-law Crystal.  Yes! She is getting it for a present this year :)

I feel so "pro" being able to get these gifts done, mostly thanks to Fiona for learning to nap longer and for Chris watching her in the evenings.


Have a good Monday everyone!

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