Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Out and About

I promise you that I'm still around these parts :)
Though I haven't been posting I have been sewing up a mean storm of quilts, the last of which is about to be given away this January.

I know I've promised pictures of the whole lot of them and everything that's been happening, but for now Instagram snaps will have to suffice till I get practically 100+ pictures uploaded, sorted and eventually blogged about.

Mama be quiltin'

Fiona's new Christmas stocking made using a Lil' Twister template.

Almost done...2 more quilts to go.

A baby quilt for a friend whose having their first boy!

And of course a fun shot of Miss Fi who is now 4 months old, good grief and here I thought I wouldn't make it to January.

See you in the New Year with some fun goals and better pictures!

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