Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fiona's Christmas Stocking

It's finally done!
I started this Lil' Twister pattern last January, as in 2012.  I seem to start all my new quilting/sewing projects in January and then they fall to the wayside as the busier Spring months take hold and we flock to the outside to soak in the sun.

Fiona's Stocking all done!

I truly meant to get it finished in time for hanging up this past Christmas, but I was intimidated by how all the layers were put together.  It wasn't hard, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around it.  I finally just hunkered down and read over the directions about 5 times and finally it clicked!

Straight line quilted

quilted side effect

Fi's stocking is heavily and painstakingly quilted front (above pictures) and back.  You can see in the second picture the neat effect my chosen quilting pattern had on the batting.  You won't see any of it though as that batting is now sandwhiched in between layers on the interior of the stocking.
The quilting on the back was done as a large diamond pattern.

Overall this is a really fun pattern to try out.  You will need the Lil Twister tool (which I believe came with my pattern originally, I talk about it here), a bit of yardage for your binding at the top or cuff and your hanging loop and at least 2 charms packs.  The instructions say you'll only need 1 charm pack but if you need to have more of a mix up between your lights and darks you'll definitely want to have 2 on hand.


Happy sewing!

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