Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cool Tools: Safety Pin Grips

I've been needing these for "eons" it seems.  
A colorful pile of what I'm calling quilting m & m's, well not really, but they are pretty to look at! These are safety pin grips.  Their soul purpose in the sewing room is to give a little bit of extra gripping area to safety pin backs.


I have been using them every chance I get and they are saving me from sore fingers already!
I bought them mainly to help with hand fatigue when basting large quilt tops down, but they work great for large and small quilts too.


Look at all that space to hold on too!

It's fabulous, no really it is!  Otherwise, I'd be holding onto that tiny little wire backing...ouch!


They'll work on both regular and curved safety pins.  My only complaint is they require a bit of time to put on, a pair of pliers and some patience because it will take a few tries before you get the plastic grips to "snap" snugly into the safety pin's back.

You can find these at most sewing stores and online.  They're by Quilter's Delight and come 200 pieces to a pack.  That's MORE than enough to cover all your safety pins, unless you're like me and actually have 200 safety pins :)

Happy Sewing!

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