Monday, March 10, 2014

Hearts and Diamonds

Mom's Valentine's Day Present 2014

I finally got a picture of my mom's table runner in "action" last week.
I didn't see her till a few days after Valentine's Day, but it was still well received and appreciated.  The flowers my dad got her also helped make it look even more splendid.
I must admit that I'm really pleased with how the quilting came out over all.  Sometimes when you're so immersed in a project that your eyes cross you forget to step back and take a look at the big picture.

Not seeing this runner for a week helped put my perspective back in place and it's a small nod to my ever growing quilting skills.  I certainly did not do all those diamonds in one sitting, but over a course of about 2 weeks and I only worked on it for an hour at a time because it's such tedious work.
There was alot of seam ripping.  In fact, the binding was originally supposed to be red, but I ended up cutting it too narrow and in the end could not turn it over to the front to finish sewing it into place.

The purple binding turned out to be a happy accident and looks just as intentional as if I'd planned it that way all along.

Happy Sewing!

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