Friday, March 7, 2014

What I'm Reading: Words of Radiance

It feels like I've been waiting much longer than I have for the second book in this series to be released.
Brandon Sanderson is one author who I've recently discovered and become enamored with in just the last year and I have to ask myself, how have I never heard of this guy till last year?!

You've heard me talk about him before when I recently read his first published novel, Elantris.  Sanderson is well known for his complex magic systems and world building, which in fantasy writing, is a must.
Words of Radiance has been in the works for a short amount of time when compared to writers like George R.R. Martin who write at their own sloth-like pace.  Sanderson seems almost inhuman to have completed a second mammoth book so quickly and this series is set to have TEN books in all.

I don't have enough shelf space to properly house, what could only be considered a proper "doorstop" of a novel, but I do plan on buying all ten, in hardback, at some point.  I will have this one in a few weeks because he'll be at a local book signing and if you know me personally you'll know how I love to go and meet authors and get my books signed.  Really, the whole idea of hearing an author talk about his/her books is underrated.  For now WoR will have to reside on my tablet.

I suspect that it will consume most of my "free time" for the next several weeks, so I probably won't be talking about many new books till the end of April.

As for the book All Joy and No Fun, I am still working thru that one as well, but at a more leisurely pace.  It's still holding my interest so far.  I also picked up Twelve Years a Slave and Promise of Blood, but there's no telling when I'll be able to start either of those.

Happy Reading!

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