Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Starting on the Task at Hand

Cutting begins

The last batch of dog ornaments I'll ever do with this pattern. I just started cutting on the order for GRREAT of 60 much felt.  I try not to think about the enormity of this task.  I have, in the past, done 122 ornaments before during my Holiday rush, and over a shorter amount of time.While I do have till August to complete them all I am still in the middle of completing a few other projects, namely The Feather Quilt.  That too is also due in August, but I need to have it entirely pieced and the backing sewn together so I can send it out to be quilted.  That just means that my quilt actually needs to be done by June 1st.

As long as I do a little bit each day I'll steadily chip away at both of these projects.
I've set a goal for this week to cut 10 full dog ornaments out each day.  If I can stick to that I'll have all 60 dogs cut out by Sunday night, that's 120 pieces of felt all cut by hand.  So far I have the first set of 20 done, 40 more to go!

I am no longer selling these ornaments in my Etsy shop.  GRREAT is a Golden Retriever rescue organization who contacted me almost 6 months ago to do this final order for them.

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