Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Feather Quilt (part 2)


I have more pictures that I need to get uploaded so you can check out the progress in more detail.  Yes, there is progress, but it feels painful.
This quilt pattern is truly giving me fits.  I plan on writing the editors of Quilty again to inquire if anyone made this quilt prior to publishing it (other than the designer).  It's a really cool pattern, no doubt, but the templates, measurements and complexity of it make it more of an intermediate quilt, not a beginner.

There's actually alot of skill and patience needed to even get thru the feather piecing parts.  It's challenging me and I've been piecing quilts for over 10 years now.

I think for each of the 28 feathers I've sewn so far, every single one of them as had at least 2 of its seams ripped out at least twice, some of them have been ripped out and sewn 3 separate times!  Yes, I am being a little picky trying to get everything lined up properly, but it's a finicky pattern with its angled pieces.  I thought I could get away with a few "off" seams, but in the end I realized the mistake would only amplify the bigger the block became.  That means that it's taking a very long time to piece the blocks and I'm only half way done.

I don't always rip out seams

Ripping out all those seams also makes me realize I should invest in a larger, more comfy seam ripper.

It's worth noting all of my seams on the "feather" portion of the block have been pressed OPEN to help it lay crisp and flat when I was cutting out all the feather sections.  I believe it's important to press seams open when you'll be using a template to cut your actual pieces.

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